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Nawangsih Season 1 Episode 1

Kualitas: Dilihat: 45 views

Nonton film Nawangsih (2019), Ingintau21 sudah menyiapkan streaming film Indonesia yang bisa anda nikmati disini.

Nonton Film Nawangsih (2019) Film Indonesia Indoxxi

Sinopsis :

Arya and her family occupy a house left by her parents who have been empty for eight years, since Arya’s father died. Since moving to the house, Srimaya said that Nawangsih often had nightmares and woke up. And one day Kinar also found Nawangsih going down to the warehouse in the basement of their dark and dirty house making Kinar drive Nawangsih out of the warehouse. The next day when Nawangsih was tutoring with Donny, the private teacher who taught him, suddenly Nawangsih was seized like seeing something scary. Donny reported what happened to Nawangsih

Nama Episode:Rumah

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