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Nawangsih Season 1 Episode 2

Kualitas: Dilihat: 23 views

Nonton film Nawangsih (2019), Ingintau21 sudah menyiapkan streaming film Indonesia yang bisa anda nikmati disini.

Nonton Film Nawangsih (2019) Film Indonesia Indoxxi

Sinopsis :

Donny came to teach Nawangsih. The antique lights next to Nawangsih caught Donny’s attention. And when Arya told Donny that he hadn’t been able to pay the tuition fee, Donny offered to sell the antique lamp. Although Kinar forbade Arya from selling the antique lights, Arya and Donny managed to bring the antique lamp to Donny’s boarding house. The boarding house owner who has a relationship between the buyer of the antic goods, is very and sure to sell at a high price. Suddenly the electricity went out, but the antique lights even lit up.

Nama Episode:Lampu Antik

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