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Nawangsih Season 1 Episode 8

Kualitas: Dilihat: 32 views

Nonton film Nawangsih (2019), Ingintau21 sudah menyiapkan streaming film Indonesia yang bisa anda nikmati disini.

Nonton Film Nawangsih (2019) Film Indonesia Indoxxi

Sinopsis :

Donny asked Mpok Hindun for help so that he could take the antique lamp and promise the proceeds from the sale. Donny was unsuccessful, even a hard fist floated into Donny’s face as Arya caught him in the living room of Arya’s house. Arya could not hold back her anger, resulting in what Arya and Kinar had covered up could no longer be kept secret. While Nawangsih increasingly heard clearly his name was always called by a figure that was not seen by ordinary people, and gave him directions to a place that revealed the mystery that had existed.

Nama Episode:Petunjuk dari Masa Lalu

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